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What's Next Initiative

Every young man should take an active role in shaping his future. “What’s Next” is an initiative that recognizes rising male high school seniors by providing them with a platform to share their future plans. Once chosen, ambassadors for the "What's Next" Initiative will receive 1/2 off of a tailored suit and an opportunity to receive a scholarship.

Current ambassadors can be seen below:

Welcome to the First Ambassador of “What’s Next,” Jalen Patrick!

Jalen is currently a Senior at Tallwood High School. He plans to possibly attend Norfolk State University and major in Psychology. We caught up with Jalen and asked him some questions about what makes him suitable to be a “What’s Next” Ambassador.

Who do you admire and why?

“I admire my parents. My dad grew up with 5 siblings and started out with nothing, and my mom was a first-generation college student who attended college on a volleyball scholarship. My parents took what they had, ran with it and gained success.”

What advice would you give to up and coming young men regarding success?

“Sometimes you can’t listen to others. You must think for yourself. You may miss out on the fun things, but it pays off in the long run.”

So, what’s next?

“Definitely college. I may possibly go to NSU, study psychology and be a walk on for the football team. I am still waiting on another college, but NSU is a strong possibility. I want to study psychology because it’s fun to know what someone else is thinking.”

We are happy to see Jalen planning to do big things! Be on the look out for the next “What’s Next” Ambassador. Will it be you?

Jalen Patrick

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